Buy ‘Landscape Impressions’ and ‘Playful Printing at Home’ and save money!

If you’re interested in both courses, you can now buy a hand-printing bundle consisting of ‘Landscape Impressions’ and ‘Playful Printing at Home: The Complete Video Course’ for £170, saving £20.

Both of the courses will take you through what you need to hand print, and inspiration for your work, but ‘Playful Printing at Home’ will give you more of a starting point to begin your printing journey- less intention, more playfulness!- with time to take in all the different hand printing techniques I use. ‘Landscape Impressions’ builds on this- so where there is also a whole chapter on hand printing techniques, it also covers more intentional printmaking, such as working from photos and sketches, planning a print, colour mixing and working through a piece from start to finish. It also covers working with ‘discarded’ prints and collage in more depth. Take a look at each descriptive page to get an idea of what each covers.