The Power of Play

If you follow me on Instagram, some of you may know that I’ve been taking the Creative Visionary Programme this year- an online 12 week course led by Nicholas Wilton. The premise is essentially trying out the principles taught each week on 30x30cm panels- using acrylics.

This is quite a challenge for me-partly as I have never used acrylics, but mainly because it’s been so long since I’ve started something without an outcome in mind.

It’s amazing how leaving behind the idea of an outcome can free you up. Here are the series I’ve been working on throughout the programme- they are abstract as you can see, as this allows me to play even more without the constraint of it ‘looking like something’.

These may well change dramatically before they’re finished. There are bits I love and bits that are niggling away at me. But a major takeaway for me is to trust the process and keep playing.

These are so different from my ‘normal’ work, I’m struggling to see them properly. I’d love some opinions on them- can you still see they’re by me, for a start!