Next online workshop:  Sunday November 21st, 10am-1pm. Special price of £15, though feedback will be expected afterwards. Book here.

This is a wonderful introduction to printmaking or kickstart to your artistic practice- no need for a press or print studio.
You will learn to roll out and print beautiful drifts of colour and texture, layering up images with masking, negative printing, burnishing and using stamps. All images will be printed by hand, you’ll come away with several prints, as well as collage papers and the skills to print by yourself in your own home. You will need some materials and equipment including a rubber printmaking roller (available in most art supply shops), a flat smooth surface, thin paper and some oil based paint or inks. A materials and equipment list will be sent out in good time. I will be talking and demonstrating, then working alongside you all at your own pace, with plenty of time to ask questions and the added bonus of grabbing a cup of tea whenever you like!   Book here.

I’ve led workshops for adults and children and often provide demonstrations, half-day and full-day workshops for art clubs.

My workshops are suitable for beginners (or those who’ve been before and want to experiment some more!).  A wonderful introduction to quick, spontaneous and playful printmaking. You’ll learn to roll out ink and create beautiful drifts of colour and texture, layer up multiple prints, and add details with stamps, stencils and other mediums. You’ll come away with several prints and the skills and inspiration to print at home, with no special equipment.  Numbers will be kept to a maximum of 7 for private workshops, art club workshops can be much larger, though some materials may need to be provided by participants.

If you’re a workshop organiser and you’d like to find out out more about what I can provide just email me, or if you’d like to be the first to know about upcoming workshop dates then sign up to my newsletter.

I can also give printmaking sessions to children and have a current DBS check.