Letting Go of Resolutions

The origin of New Years’s resolutions actually comes from the Romans, who used the turn of the year to forgive and let go of any grudges or obligations owed by others.

So, rather than piling lots of ‘I should’s onto ourselves, we could really be shedding things that are a heavy burden to us and others.

My 3 came to me this year quite easily, and without striving, and they do all involve letting go of certain ideas.

Firstly, I want to let go of my doubt that art is not useful and has to be heavily justified. Of course I believe in art with my rational mind, but deep down I often come across that little voice that belittles, not only art in general, but my art and me. My plan to counteract this is to let as much art into my life as I can – bring on the joy, beauty and magic! All arts- visual, dramatic, written, musical- just for the joy of them. I will become a patron of the arts, in my own small way. That way I prove to myself why art is worth so much to us all.

Secondly, I will let go of doing so much, in order to allow more space into my life. It’s a toughie this one- coming from a chronic ‘busy-a-holic’. I’ve made a good start by having almost nothing in the diary (event-wise) for 2022. Admittedly, helped by the pandemic, (it had to be good for something!) this is the first time this has happened. My usual response is to get into a panic and start applying for stuff, anything, to fill the void. This year, I’m trying to ride the uncomfortable feeling, and enjoy the void, the space. Maybe I can fit some joyful art into it?

And thirdly, I want to shed the nagging belief that my art is not worth anything. All artists struggle with this one I think, and not just the newly emerged ones. To gently encourage my feelings of worth, I’m intending to give generously to myself- time, space, inspiration, and, yes, some money, to the production and presentation of my art. No justifying. No apologising.

And there you have it, my rather baggy plan for ‘letting- go’ this year. What would you like to let go of?