You really don’t need much…

To make art, start printmaking, do something that fills your cup. We often feel we don’t have enough time, space or ‘stuff’ to do what we want to. But if the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that you really don’t need much to make a start.

Half and hour gleaned from home schooling… is enough to put a layer of ink on a print. A tiny space- a place of magic that’s yours alone (Virginia Woolf was right about that one- she usually is though!) and a few well worn tools.

I thought I’d share where and with what, I make my prints. Below are my rollers, a fairly robust baren- which is really just a tool to apply even pressure, you can use hands, fingers, clean rollers, backs of spoons- anything really. The 3 colours of oil paints I always use, to mix all my colours (along with white). And my rather well worn apron.

All you really need to start printmaking at home, is a flat surface ( I use a large piece of perspex, but anything without a texture) and off you go- roll out a layer of ink/paint, place your paper on, press onto the back and peel off. Clean up. Repeat. Alot. Or not if you want to go mimimal. The joy is looking and making decisions as you go, based on the delicious textures, colours and layers that you produce.

Almost all my monoprints are made like this, and my drypoints embellished in the same way. I hope to start up my workshops again soon, so if you’re interested in getting a kickstart for your art, keep your eyes on this website or sign up to my newsletter.